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My passion for personal finance had its beginnings several years ago when my wife Angie and I were a young married couple.  I was a young dentist in a practice I had just purchased, trying to get a handle on how to run a business and practice dentistry at the same time.  Because of the time and effort involved with that, keeping track of the personal finances fell to my wife Angie.  We both felt that was a good decision because she had worked at a bank for several years, and pretty much all we knew about personal finance was that you need to balance the checkbook so you don't bounce any checks.

Although she could balance the checkbook just fine, it frustrated her to no end that I was always looking at the bank statements and check register, asking a lot of questions like “Why don't we have any money left,” and “How did we spend so much on groceries last month?”  She didn't like all the questions and felt that I didn't trust her.  Eventually she ended up hurling the checkbook at me out of frustration and yelling “I'M DONE, LET'S SEE YOU DO IT BIG BOY, I'VE HAD ENOUGH!

Now this was not the first time this had happened.  It had become a common theme in our marriage, but every time before, we'd let everything simmer down and just go back to the way it was before, with no real change.  This was mainly because I didn't want to take the responsibility for it.  But this time was different.  I picked up the checkbook and began to assume responsibility for it.  Of course this didn't solve all of our problems, but it did put the checkbook into the hands of the one person in the marriage who was more interested in how our money was being used and was more interested in planning and saving.  I'm a little nerdy that way.

After attending a popular personal finance course, we discovered that we had very different views about money and that we needed to learn to communicate better about finances because our marriage was hurting.  We discovered that we each saw money in very different ways and for many different reasons:  She grew up in very modest circumstances, I was upper middle class;  I was from a very educated home, and she was not;  I see things from a male point of view and she from a feminine standpoint.

We learned that we had to better communicate and understand each other in order to make our finances better and our marriage stronger.  So we began learning more about how each other think; we learned how to work together and make a common sense plan for our money.  We found that when we have a written plan that we both have come to agreement on, the money fights ended.  There was no more craziness in our financial situation!

Because of this turnaround in our finances and our relationship, I became very passionate about solid personal finance concepts and how they can change lives for the better.  I began reading every personal finance book I could get my hands on and eventually felt called to develop my own personal finance course, resulting in the Celebrating Financial Freedom self study course.

I know there are literally millions of couples that battle over money every day, just like Angie and I did.  I hope our story will help you see that you can change your own life for the better.  You can achieve freedom from the bondage of debt, freedom from money fights that hurt your marriage, and the freedom to live your best life because your money situation finally makes sense!

Here's to Celebrating Your Financial Freedom!


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