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The CFF Coupon Database

When most people need a coupon, they search Google and waste a lot of  time clicking on multiple websites trying to find the coupons and deals they need. You can save yourself a ton of time and money by coming to the CFF coupon database instead!

Where's the best place to look when you need savings on a specific product?  It's the Celebrating Financial Freedom Coupon Database because it lists coupons and deals from newspaper inserts in all regions of the country as well as internet printables, magazines, mailers and more!

Need Directions on How to Use the Coupon Database?  Just Scroll Down, The Directions Are Below The Database


How The Coupon Database Works

Using the Celebrating Financial Freedom Coupon Database is easy. The database is above and looks like a spreadsheet with gray and white lines.

1. Type the name of the product you’re looking for into the blank “Search” field on the top left side of the database. (i.e. “Campbells” or “Lysol”)

2.  Scan the results for the best deal.  Printable coupons have a blue link which you can click to go to the website where the coupon is located and can be printed from there.  If the coupon was published in a circular or a mailer, a code will tell you which circular it appeared in and when.  

Here are the codes:

RP – Red Plum

SS – Smart Source

GM – General Mills

P&G  – Proctor and Gamble

For Instance:  If the listing shows (RP  5/11), that means the coupon appeared in the Red Plum mailer on May 11.

If you want more information about how to use the database, just scroll down below the coupon database and you'll find answers to your frequently asked questions. That’s it!  

The Celebrating Financial Freedom coupon database makes it extremely simple to save time and money on the things you like to buy.  

Make sure to bookmark it, share it with your friends, and come back often!    


Frequently Asked Questions About The Coupon Database

How do I find a coupon in the Database?  Type in the brand of the product you are searching for in the blank search box in the upper left corner of the database, then click the green “Search” button.  If you try the name of a product and don't get a result, try again using a different name, as sometimes there can be different ways of spelling items, apostrophe’s may be included (excluded), etc.

How do I print a coupon?  Once find the coupon you're looking for, just click the blue text in the search result, and that will take you to the site where the coupon is located and can be printed from there.

What other information will I find in the coupon database?  You can use the database to find printable coupons, as well as coupons which have appeared  in your weekly coupon mailers or even the weekly inserts in your Sunday newspaper.

How do I search for coupons available in a specific region of the country?  Just use the menu in the top middle of the coupon database that says “All”.  Click on the down arrow to reveal specific areas of the country where we have coupons available.  More regions will be coming on line in the future.  If you don't see your region, just keep the menu on “All” and your search will generate a list of coupons from all areas of the country.

Still have questions?  Feel free to shoot me an email, I'm happy to help!    

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