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How to Avoid Student Loans

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In my last article “What’s the Problem With Student Loans?” I wrote about how college debt is dragging down our economy and whey the average student loan borrower is enslaved by their decision to finance their education with loans.

I talked about many of the consequences that were unforeseen when they took out student loans and rear their ugly head years later, seriously hampering their future life.

Now that I’ve done my preachin’ about how damaging student debt can be on an individual as well as a national level, I’ll get into some preventive medicine.

Let’s talk about how to avoid having to deal with student loans in the first place.


Avoiding Student Loans -Parents

avoid student loans college debtFirst, I’ll address the parents:

Obviously, it’s best to start saving for your child’s college expenses as early as possible.  I’ve even talked to people over the years who started saving for their child’s college fund before they even had children.

These are what you would call “proactive” parents to say the least.

Most of us are not that proactive.

If you didn’t start saving before your child was conceived, it’s ok, take a deep breath.  Quit worrying what the overachievers are doing and concentrate on your own situation.

Just do what you can do right now.


“How to Avoid Student Loans”- Great tips from @DrCabler


College Saving Can Be Automatic

You can start by figuring out how much you want to save each month and have it automatically deposited into an account just for that purpose (a 529 plan or an Educational Savings Account).

The best way to set it up is to contribute a regular percentage of your income (usually about 3%) every month.  That way your contributions increase as your pay increases over the years.


Think Outside the Box

Or you could do something different.

Get a part time job or a side gig for a couple of years.  Put all the money you make from that into the college account, and let it grow.  If you do this when your child is young, that money has time to grow significantly.

This is a great way to save because it’s only a sacrifice for a short period of time, but it reaps huge rewards as your child gets older.


Getting a Late Start on Saving for College?

If you’ve gotten a late start on college saving, obviously you’ll have to save money quicker if you want to avoid student loan debt.  You could still get a part time job or a side gig, but you may have to do it for a longer period of time.

Or, if you save out of your earnings from your regular job, you’ll need to kick up the percentage a bit (maybe 5-10% of your pay).  You could even do a combination of the two to save even more aggressively.

No matter which method you use, the earlier you get started, the better, because the money has time to grow through investing.



Now for the student:

Maybe your parents didn’t save for your college, or maybe they didn’t save enough.

There are strategies that you can use as well to keep from taking out student loans and putting a damper on your post graduation future.

The first thing you should do is to get into the mindset that you want to go to school debt free, no matter what everyone else is doing.  It’s so easy to give into the mentality of borrowing now and paying back later.  But if you go down that road, it will hurt your financial life for the next 20 years.  Avoid student loans at all costs.

Next, get a job and work your way through school.  A lot of people actually do this (read about this guy) , but you don’t hear much about them.


Because they’re not complaining about their debt load and begging someone to do something about it.

You CAN do it.  You just have to have a plan along with the right mindset.

There is a great book I recently read that will show you all you need to know.  It’s written by a guy who actually made a plan to pay for his own education and made it through debt free!  You can find it at the link below:

“Debt Free U: How I Paid For an Outstanding Education Without Loans, Scholarships, or Mooching Off My Parents” by Zac Bissonnette


Apply for Lots of Scholarships

Another strategy is to make applying for scholarships into a part time job.  Create a profile on sites like Fastweb.com or Scholarships.com and apply for every scholarship you can.

There is a lot of scholarship money out there just waiting to be used, and many of them are not based on grades.  Just make filling out applications a systematic part of your daily or weekly routine.  You just may be surprised at what you get.


Go to an Affordable School

You can also go to a cheaper college.  You don’t have to go to an elite private university to get a good education.  There are cheaper options available that will allow you to get that degree without spending $50k a year for it.

Nobody will tell you working your way through school is easy.  But it beats 20 years of struggling with student loan payments that limit your freedom like a financial ball and chain.

Don’t let student loans do that to you.  No matter what some people say, YOU DON’T NEED IT!!!

Be original.

Be different.

Don’t think like the crowd.

When you do what everyone else is doing, you get what everyone else is getting.

Make a plan.  Find a way.  You can do it!

Question:  How did you pay for college?

Tell me about it in the comments.



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  • SyLvIa Zzz…

    I am a HS teacher and I have witnessed a lot of kids go off to college too soon and fail out! Here is some advice for graduating seniors and their parents based on 10 years of observations.

    1. Make them work and pay for some of it.( they have to have some skin in the game)

    2. If they are immature and not self- reliant don’t let them go to a far off University.

    3. Have them talk to recent graduates to get advice/tips; they are much more likely to listen to them than you.

    4. A community college is a great place to save money and usually has professors who are teachers 1st unlike the research focused professors at Universities

    5. Don’t be frivolous with your cash. Consider things like $25/month car insurance (from 4AutoInsuranceQuote), $20/month mobile phone (TMobile), $15/month gym membership (Planet Fitness), and use apps like GasBussy to save money in other ways. College is expensive – save for it!

    6. Speaking of which – Don’t try to “Keep up with the Jones”. This dooms kids and forces them into the student debt trap.

    7. Don’t be afraid to let them fail. If you constantly bail them out you will be doing it for the rest of their lives and they will never grow as a person.

    8. Make them aware of the differences in earning power/job availability of different majors.

    9. The military, tech school, and apprenticeships are all viable alternatives to college.

    10. Do a cost/ benefit analysis if you are going to take on significant debt make sure it’s for a valuable degree. 60k debt for a chemistry degree is ok, 60k for Art History is not.

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  • Just to piggy-back on the scholarship thing…students should have had some discussions with their parents by the time they are in 9th grade as to how college will be paid for. If money is going to be an issue, then high school grades become very important. I would say the majority of scholarship money has something to do with how well a student performs in high school and on the SAT.

    • Grades are a factor in many scholarships. However, I’ve seen a ton of scholarships in which grades are a minor factor, or not a factor at all. Many depend on writing an essay or other task that needs to be completed.

      Obviously, the better the grades, the better chance in earning most scholarships though. Also, apply early and often, that will better your odds as well.

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