Student loans now account for over 1 Trillion dollars in consumer debt.  It’s a problem that’s been growing for decades, and it continues to grow larger every day.  American student loan debt is a huge problem that is keeping individuals and families from living the financial life they want to achieve for themselves.

 It affects the economy in a huge way through lost sales of cars, homes, and other aspects of the American dream.  

College loans can keep you from having the freedom to live your best life.  You may have to take a job you don’t like because it pays more.  Maybe you’ll have to delay having a family because Fannie Mae is killing your finances.  Or maybe your college loans cause fights between you and your spouse.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  

If you have college debt, you can get it paid off much faster if you learn to change your mindset and attack that debt with a vengeance.  

If you don’t yet have student loans, these articles can show you how and why to avoid them at all costs.


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