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Skidmarks on the Wedding Dress- How to Keep Money Problems From Ruining Your Marriage
Skidmarks on the Wedding Dress- How to Keep Money Problems From Ruining Your Marriage

They Finally Kissed and Made Up

I was listening to the radio this morning and I heard a piece on “dumb criminals”.  One of the incidents they talked about was the new bride in Scotland who beat up her new hubby at their wedding reception, starting a fight between the two families that resulted in seven arrests (you think there may have been a little alcohol in the mix?).

What caused all this you ask?  I mean this should be the happiest day of their lives and people are beating each other and being hauled off to the pokey.

Well, the story goes like this:  Everyone’s having a great time at the reception, and at some point, the groom decides to take a seat on his honey’s lap.  Now, being a good Scotsman, he’s wearing a traditional kilt.  And if you know anything about what a good Scotsman wears under his kilt, you know he’s going commando (Scottish fashion secrets revealed!).

So when newly married Angus arises from his wifey’s lap, what does she see?  Let’s just say it looked like Dale Jr. had parked the #88 Chevy on the wedding dress and left in quite a hurry.

Thus the skidmarks.

Thus the brouhaha.


Ruined Relationships Are Preventable

This crazy story reminded me about how we all can let things that are easily preventable from straining, even ruining our relationships.

Have you ever fought with your spouse about money?  Probably all of us have at one time or another.  Did you let your money situation affect your marriage so much that you wound up in divorce?

Millions of people have (money problems are the number one cause of divorce).


Clean Up Your Financial Skidmarks

So how can you prevent your marriage from becoming a statistic?  Unlike young Angus, you have to make an effort to “clean up your act” financially, whatever it takes.  If there are no ugly skidmarks to fight about, then there is no fighting.  The way to do this is to begin getting educated about your money and how it affects your marriage.

Now is the time to learn a little basic financial hygiene so you can prevent the skidmarks on your own wedding dress and live a happier, stress free financial life.

Come together with your spouse and start the process of putting together a get out of debt plan and a monthly spending plan.  You will each have a say in that process, and ultimately, having a plan will prevent the arguments before they start.


Our Money Fights Are Over

You can begin that journey by taking my Celebrating Financial Freedom online get out of debt course.

I am constantly amazed that since my wife Angie and I got our finances under control and got out of debt (except for the house), that money fights just don’t exist anymore.  In fact, neither of us can remember our last fight over finances.

So here is your action step for the day:  Have a conversation with your spouse about the need to get out of debt.  Start learning how to make a plan together.

Question:  Have you ever let your money problems affect your marriage?  What did you do to change that?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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