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zombie debt

About midway through my daily commute I pass by a small strip center with three retail spaces.  One is a Subway, the other an insurance agency, and the other was a total mystery.

I noticed when the mystery store opened a year or so ago because the space had been empty for awhile.  When I first saw that it was open I wasn’t sure what kind of business it was because there was no sign I the window or on the building.  I didn’t think much of it because I thought the sign was probably being made and would be installed soon.

Months went by.

No sign.


The Un-Sign Store

My curiosity finally got the best of me and I pulled into the parking lot one morning so I could look in the window and figure out just what kind of business this was that didn’t need a sign.

So I pull in, look in the window, and exclaim to myself “Holy cow, this is a sign store?  What the heck?”

It just didn’t compute.

Was this a new marketing gimmick (The “Un” Sign store!) they got from reading a Seth Godin book?  In all of their sign making did they forget to make one for themselves?   Could they not afford to make their own sign?  Or was the business was so successful they didn’t need a sign? It just made no sense.

Within six months the space was empty.  The “Un” Sign store was out of business.  It’s now a gun store (I know because they have a sign).

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Don’t Ignore The Obvious

I don’t know why the “Un” Sign store had no sign.  But I do know that when you ignore the obvious, whether in business or in your personal finances, it can have very bad consequences.

Have you been ignoring the obvious in your financial life?  Whistling past the graveyard, hoping that hand won’t reach up from the grave and pull you in?  Well, if you keep ignoring the obvious, the boogeyman of debt WILL get you eventually.  You WILL be the one that falls and twists his ankle while the zombie is chasing you down.

Poor guy.

Shoulda’ been watching out for them.


Slay That Zombie!

So here’s the deal:  If you have been ignoring the obvious problems with your finances such as high credit card debt, bill collectors calling, behind on payments, etc. it’s time to stop whistling past the graveyard.

Get educated on how to deal with the situation and read a book or take a course (How about the Celebrating Financial Freedom course?).

Take action,


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