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CFF Get Out of Debt Course

Read What Past Participants of Celebrating Financial Freedom Have to Say:

 “Dr. Jason Cabler deserves five stars for this course because he gives you step by step instructions on getting out of debt. I like that he is available for you with his guidance. He…wants to see you succeed. Thank you Dr. Cabler for putting together Celebrating Financial Freedom!”  -Shana B.

“Dr. Cabler’s CFF is already changing our lives and anyone can do this!  I highly recommend it to everyone whether you have financial challenges or not.  Everyone and every relationship can benefit!  Thank You Dr. Cabler for such a great and inexpensive solution to a very big issue for us and many others!” - Darren W.

“Every subject was clear and understandable… very easy to follow and professional”  -Daniel A.

“The lectures and materials are a great combination to make sure that I am staying the course with my budget while communicating effectively with my spouse during the journey.” – Greg R.

The course “…was concise, the best I’ve seen to date.”  -Melissa G.

“The course was very positive and motivating, regardless of your financial status.”  -Betty R.

Dr. Cabler …did a great job and was easy to follow… now I think more about my spending.”  -John C.

“Really loved the portion on communication.  It was very useful, heartfelt, informative, and very well delivered.”  Brian A.

When asked if she would recommend the course to others  “Absolutely! I already have.”  -Gina H.




The Celebrating Financial Freedom get out of debt course is now available in an all new online format!

To learn more, go to the course home page for more info, or sign up to get the mini course that provides you with free introductory lessons, and gives you a deeper understanding of what the course is all about (no spam and I won’t share your email address).

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There Is Also a Physical Course Available!

The Celebrating Financial Freedom Course

(Workbook and 4 cd’s)

online video get out of debt course


Celebrating Financial Freedom is the basic course consisting of one workbook (137 pages) and 4 audio cd’s that is geared toward married couples. However, the principles in this course can apply to anyone who wants to get out of debt, improve their money situation and achieve long term prosperity, financial and otherwise.

For only $44.95+ shipping, CFF will change the way you think about your money, and if you follow the steps given, you will see life changing results that will literally save you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime!

This life changing course covers:

  • The many ways we are influenced to get into debt
  • What the Bible says about debt.
  • What the Bible says about how to conduct our financial lives.
  • What you can do to change your mindset about your money
  • How our finances relate to our spiritual walk.
  • Why getting out of debt isn’t about deprivation, it’s about freedom.
  • How to put together a get out of debt plan and a monthly spending plan.
  • How to communicate with your spouse about money.
  • How good money management can give you a better marriage.
  • How you can avoid or minimize money problems in the event of a major illness or job loss.
  • Why giving is essential to your financial and spiritual health.
  • How changing your financial situation can change your family tree.
  • How changing your financial situation will actually change the world!
  • and much, much more….

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Change Your Financial Life and Your Family Tree Forever!

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