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Why Debt Consolidation Doesn’t Work

Why Debt Consolidation Doesn't Work

Debt consolidation is a big business in the U.S., and many people believe it’s a great tool to use to get out of debt.  But is debt consolidation really a good option for people that are deep in debt and need a solution for getting rid of their debt for good? In this article, I’ll […] Read More

Mint.com Is Featuring Me On Their Expert Interview!

Just wanted to give all my readers a quick alert. Mint.com is featuring me as their "expert interview" this week on their site! Find out why I became a personal finance blogger, my take on marriage and money, and what I think is one of the biggest misconceptions about money and getting out of debt. […] Read More

How To Make More Money Without Starting a Side Gig- 14 Ways to Be Awesome at Work

14 Ways to be Awesome at Work

Do you want to make more money, but you feel like starting a side gig is just not something you want to do?  I talk to a lot of people on a regular basis that want or need to make extra money, and I usually recommend starting some kind of side business to supplement their […] Read More

Why More is Not Always Better- 6 Ways Debt Limits Your Life and Destiny

More is Not Always Better 6 ways debt limits your life and destiny

In the pages of this blog I almost always advocate that having more is always better.  More money, more out of your career, more from your relationships, and more from life in general are all good things. But since this is a blog that’s primarily focused on getting out of debt and living a debt […] Read More

13 Ways To Save Money On A Low Income

13 ways to save money on a low income college retirement

I get a lot of questions from readers wanting to know how they can save money on a low income, so I thought I would write a post about some of the suggestions I’ve been giving out that can help you put money in the bank, even when you’re living on a limited income.  I’ve […] Read More

Does God Want You To Be Rich? The Wealth and Christianity Debate

does God want you to be rich wealth Christian money debate blessing curse

There has always been a healthy debate among people of faith about wealth.  Some people argue that money is the root of all evil, which is inaccurate.  Others say that we should strive to be wealthy because wealth is a blessing from God. When you read the Bible, you can find verses that seemingly support […] Read More

Money Making Idea #10- Roast & Sell Coffee Beans From Home

Money making idea roast sell green coffee beans

My latest money making idea is inspired by a friend of mine, Peter Anderson at Bible Money Matters.  He mentioned in a recent post that his brother makes money buying green coffee beans, roasting them, and reselling the roasted coffee in his local market for a profit. I thought that was a great idea, so […] Read More

How To Save Hundreds On Your Next Trip


Need to save money on your next trip?  As you probably know, vacation travel can can get very expensive, very quickly.  But if you have the right information you can save hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars on your travel costs any time you take a trip.  I ran across this infographic from SumoCoupon.com that shows […] Read More

My Apologies

Hello dear reader, Please excuse the  disarray of the Celebrating Financial Freedom site at the moment.  I am currently in the process of changing over my theme and getting everything set up the way it needs to be.  This will take a couple of days, but I believe the results will be well worth it. […] Read More

Late Start Retirement Investing- 7 Tips to Help You Catch Up

late start investing retirement ira 401k too late

I get plenty of emails from people over 40 who haven’t saved enough for retirement.  A lot of them are having financial troubles beyond that, which need to be addressed first.   But the lack of retirement funds is always a nagging problem beyond their immediate financial needs.  In fact, it’s usually the cause of their […] Read More

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