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How to Have Gratitude in the Midst of Struggle

how to grateful gratitude heart attack struggle

As many of my long time readers know I had a couple of heart attacks last year.  It was an experience that although it amounted to a small bump in the road health wise, gave me a changed perspective on a lot of things in my life. You can read about that experience starting with […] Read More

More Money Won’t Solve Your Problems- Here’s What Actually Works

More Money Won't Solve Your Debt Problem

How many times have you said to yourself, “if I could just make more money, I’d never have to worry about finances again”, or “if I had x amount of dollars, all my financial problems would be solved for good”. When you’re struggling financially, it’s easy to believe that more money is the best path […] Read More

4 Huge Ways to Increase Your Income and Save More Money

increase income save more money

Everybody wants to increase their income and save more money, right?  Seriously, what could you do if you were able to achieve a higher income than you ever thought you could?  How would you live your life if you had more than enough money to put into savings and let compound interest multiply that money […] Read More

Mobile Payments – The Good and Bad of Paying With Your Cell Phone

Mobile Payments good and bad of paying with cell phone

Mobile payments are the future of paying for your stuff, and that future is fast approaching.  With the latest release of the iPhone 6 and iOS8, using mobile payment apps for most transactions is going to start becoming more mainstream, and eventually change the way most of us spend money on a daily basis. So […] Read More

When You’re Going Through Hell, Don’t Stop! 8 Ways to Overcome Difficult Circumstances

When You're Going Through Hell, Don't Stop overcome joyce meyer yolanda morgan

“If you’re going through hell, don’t stop”.  I’ve heard this quote, attributed to Winston Churchill, probably a million times, and I believe it’s excellent advice.  I’ve used this advice through a few difficult circumstances in my life, some of them worse than others. I bet you have too. From losing my dad to Alzheimer’s, to […] Read More

Don’t Manage Debt, Eliminate It For Good

Don't Manage Debt eliminate debt

Being a personal finance blogger and a money geek, I like to read personal finance blogs, watch shows about money, and read tons of books on money, business, and finance.  I even listen to podcasts and radio shows about money when I get a chance. Most of the personal finance experts I listen to are […] Read More

4 Signs You’re Letting Credit Run Your Life

4 Signs You're Letting Credit Run Your Life credit cards debt

Credit and credit cards are a huge part of how business is done in this country.  It’s a business that generates hundreds of billions of dollars every year. It’s money that comes out of your pocket and goes straight to the big banks that convince you that you need all that credit in the first […] Read More

My Top 5 Budgeting Apps

budget budgeting apps favorite mobile money top best

If you’ve been following Celebrating Financial Freedom for very long, you know I’m a huge fan of budgeting.  I truly believe it’s very hard to succeed financially without doing a consistent monthly budget that gives every dollar a name and keeps you from spending more than you make. Personally, I do a written budget on […] Read More

Money Making Idea #11- Become a Virtual Assistant

Money Making Idea Virtual Assistant

Do you need a money making idea that will let you earn extra money quickly and without a lot of startup cost?  If so, then you may want to look into becoming one of the huge numbers of people who make money as a virtual assistant (also known as a VA). As a virtual assistant […] Read More

The 4 Basic Steps to Achieve Financial Success

Steps Achieve Financial Success goals

When it comes to achieving financial success, there are only a few basic steps that it takes to reach your goals.  But it always surprises me how many people don’t use these basic steps to create financial success over their lifetime. In fact, the majority of people tend to ignore one or more of these […] Read More

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