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Get Started With Celebrating Financial Freedom

To get started with Celebrating Financial Freedom,  it’s all about learning how to become debt free and live a debt free lifestyle using Christian and common sense principles.

When you begin reading articles on CFF on a regular basis, you’ll discover that freedom from debt actually is achievable and that anyone, regardless of income, (yes, even you) can unlock the shackles that have been keeping you enslaved to debt.

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Financial Freedom is About More Than Money

When you finally realize that debt freedom actually can be a way of life for you and your family, your perspective suddenly changes.  You start to realize that financial freedom is about much more than money:

  • It’s about having the freedom to make the best choices for your life because you don’t have to consider your debt situation first.
  • It’s about living your most authentic life because debt freedom enables you to begin living the way you want to live and more easily pursue the best life that God has for you.
  • It’s about changing your family tree and leaving a lasting legacy.  When you begin living these principles you become an example not only to your family, but to the world around you, leaving a lasting effect.

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These are the things that Celebrating Financial Freedom is all about, and when you decide to become a regular reader and participant here your perspective about money will change.  You’ll discover that how you use your money affects every single aspect of your life, for better or worse, and the wiser you are with it, the better your life can become.

When you apply the principles taught here, you will save tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime just by gaining control of how your money flows and learning to have a plan for your money instead of flying by the seat of your pants.


Here’s the Big Challenge

Give me 6 months of your life.

Subscribe to the CFF updates and read the two to three weekly posts, every one of them, for 6 months.  When you do this you’ll find that how you view money and debt will begin to change.  You’ll be motivated to change the way you handle your finances in ways that will cause you to begin succeeding with money, instead of letting it be eaten away slowly by debt payments and lack of a plan.

Two to three times a week, 5 minutes per post, and in 6 months you will never think about money in the same way ever again.

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About Me

I’m Dr. Jason Cabler, and I’ve been reading about, writing about, and teaching Christian personal finance for the better part of a decade now.Dr. Jason Cabler In the early part of our marriage, my wife Angie and I were in debt, and we discovered that debt was a constant drag on our finances, our relationship, and on our happiness in general.

When we finally decided to do something about it we took a popular “get out of debt” course where our perspectives about money started to change.  We began to come together as one financially.   To my surprise, in the middle of one session Angie unexpectedly cut up every single credit card we had in front of the entire group!

Our journey to debt freedom had begun.

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 We Fell Back Into Old Habits

But even though we were starting to think alike financially, we didn’t fully commit to the process.  We fell back into some old habits that kept us from getting free from our debt and truly succeeding financially.

After another year or two of having those nagging debts cause stress in our marriage, we finally decided to fully commit to the process.  We made a written plan to get out of debt and began putting together a written budget every single month, and that made all the difference.

We finally began working with a plan instead of flying by the seat of our pants.

We finally made a commitment to each other to never finance another car, open another credit card, or use any kind of credit whatsoever.   That is the moment when we began succeeding with money!

Even though the bad economy has taken a toll on my income, we have since become debt free except for our house, paid cash for two luxury cars, and can’t remember the last time we had an argument about money!

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 Changing Lives For The Better

During this process I became extremely passionate about personal finance and how it can truly change lives for the better.  I began reading every book on the subject and eventually developed my own course that I now teach live and have also made available as an online video course.

My Celebrating Financial Freedom course will not only teach you how to get out of debt using simple Christian and common sense principles, it will teach you how to communicate better with your spouse, how to keep from making stupid mistakes with money, and how using your money wisely not only affects you, but the rest of the world around you, for better or for worse.

So if you are at that point in your life where you know it’s time to learn more about getting out of debt, and better yet, take action to get out of debt, then consider purchasing the Celebrating Financial Freedom course.  You will not regret it.

If you have any questions about the course or need help with figuring out how to change your financial situation, then please feel free to email me and I’ll be glad to help you in any way I can.