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I saw this great skit on Saturday Night Live a while back and thought I would share it with all my readers.  It’s a great laugh but also probably the truest and simplest thing you can do to keep your financial situation under control.  Watch Amy Pohler and Steve Martin work their comedy magic and teach a valuable lesson in the process!



Awesome video from SNL- Don’t Buy Stuff You Can’t Afford


Don’t Buy Stuff You Can’t Afford!


Want to learn how to keep from buying stuff you can’t afford?   Want to learn to get out of debt using common sense and Christian financial principals?

My Celebrating Financial Freedom course may be just what you’re looking for.

It’s now available in a new online video format!  You can learn more by checking out the home page and viewing the introductory video

Ready to Get Serious About Getting Out of Debt?

Celebrating Financial Freedom Online Get Out of Debt CourseIf you’re seriously considering changing your financial life by getting out of debt, then you have to check out my free mini-course that will get you started on the right track.  It’s a shorter email version of my popular online get out of debt course.

In this 6 day mini-course, I’ll reveal the steps that my wife Angie and I took to stop struggling with money, get out of debt, and pay cash for things like cars and college tuition!  Best of all, it’s absolutely free!

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