How you and your spouse deal with marriage and money is an indicator of the health of your relationship.  

Problems with money are one of the biggest reasons why marriages fail.  But money problems are usually only the tip of the iceberg.  This is because when there are disagreements about money, there are usually disagreements on a host of other issues too.

 Most of the time money problems within a marriage boil down to communication and behavior.  When those don't match up, then distrust can take hold in a marriage.  The lack of trust causes money fights that tear the marriage apart. Then the real problems begin!

When Angie and I were newly married, we really didn't know how to communicate about money.  It took us a while, but when we finally got on board financially with each other, our finances and our marriage got better.  We haven't had a money fight in many years, and it's because we finally learned how to listen to each other and cooperate on a solid financial plan.  

The articles below help you address some of those issues.  I'll show you some of the things Angie and I learned through marriage counseling, as well as some of the biblical concepts I teach in my online get out of debt course.  I hope you can learn from what we went through so you can make your marriage and finances everything you want them to be!

Find out how to do marriage and money the right way with these articles!

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