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One question I’m frequently asked is “Should I continue to tithe while I’m getting out of debt?”  Sometimes I get its close cousin “Why should I start tithing if I’m trying to get out of debt?”

These two questions are pretty common when you’re a Christian is in the process of changing your financial life by getting out of debt.

I usually answer these questions by asking a few questions in return to help clarify the thought process.  Hopefully that will lead you to answer the original question on your own.


“Shoud You Tithe While Getting Out of Debt?”- 3 questions to help decide via @DrCabler


Already Tithing?  3 Questions For You

tithe tithing debt freeLet’s start with the people who are already tithing and are wondering if they should continue doing it.

Many of them figure that if they stop tithing for awhile, that will free up some “extra money” so they can get their debts paid off quicker.  After the debts are paid, they’ll start tithing again and everything will be ok.

Sounds like a plan.

But there are a few things to think about when considering that strategy.  Here are the questions I usually ask in return:

  • Why are you tithing in the first place?-  Most tithers do it because they are being obedient to God’s teachings on giving.  They’ve probably even experienced many of the blessings that come along with tithing and realize that obedience in that area helps them live a more blessed life.
  • What happens if you stop tithing?-  When you stop tithing and use that money to pay off debt, you get the debt paid off much quicker. 

That’s a good thing, right?

But the flip side of that coin is that you’ve eliminated a reason for God to bless your life and your finances.  Quitting tithing means you’re no longer being obedient to God in that way. It makes it impossible for Him to bless you for your financial obedience, and can actually harm you because you’ve taken away His protection in that area of your life.

You have to decide, is that a risk you want to take?


Angie and I Continued to Tithe

Continuing to tithe or not while you’re paying off your debt is a decision only you can make.  There are advantages and disadvantages you can find to justify either option.  You have to weigh those out prayerfully and come to the best decision you can.

In our own life, Angie and I made the decision to continue to tithe while we paid off our debt.  We feel that was the best decision that we could have made at the time, and that it was actually an advantage to our journey out of debt.

We wanted to make sure and keep God’s favor on that journey and not risk missing out on that so we could pay off the debt quicker.

The interesting thing is that during that journey, several things happened unexpectedly that actually accelerated our get out of debt process and allowed us to pay off our debt much faster.  We believe that was God working on our behalf because we were being obedient to His words on tithing.

Was it God?  Only He knows for sure.  That’s where faith enters the picture.


Should You Tithe? Only You Can Answer That

So the question remains- Should you tithe while getting out of debt?  Only you can answer that question for yourself and your family.  Weigh out the pros and the cons, ask the right questions, pray about it, and you’ll come to the right decision.

In my next post I’ll talk about whether you should get started tithing (if you’re not a tither already) while you’re getting out of debt, or wait till you’ve paid off the debt before you start.

Until then, a question…

Did you (or will you) continue tithing while you get out of debt?

Tell me about it by leaving a comment.



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  • Erin Ralph Johnson

    I also managed to overpay and got money back :) made no sense but God’s ways are higher!!

  • Erin Ralph Johnson

    I’ve continued tithing and my debt is over 5 months earlier than I expected. No other explanation other than God!

    • http://www.CFinancialFreedom.com Dr. Jason Cabler

      That’s awesome! I love to hear stories like that! This stuff really does work if you just believe it and do it! Keep up the good work Erin!

      • Erin Ralph Johnson

        I was worried I wasn’t giving the full 10% but I kept raising the amount however I could. Started off giving five now its 25 a month.

        • http://www.CFinancialFreedom.com Dr. Jason Cabler

          Nice, Keep it up!

          • Erin Ralph Johnson

            Thanks! I will be debt free next month officially and then I can do 10% which I’m so excited for.

  • greg

    The idea to keep debt longer so you can pay tithe is not always right. Consider your situation and where your tithe is going. If stopping tithe means pastor will starve to death then dont stop tithing. But If you dont pay debt quicker the interest will mean you end up paying MORE and debt can build until u cant tithe at all or bank will come and sell ur house. It depend on the situation but there is good reason to pay debt first asap. If we have debts we are not in financial freedom. Prov 22:7. God wants us unencumbered by debt so we are free for his purpose. We have duty to others to pay our debts and they should be our priority. Not tithing is robbing God but not paying debt is robbing others. Would God want you to rob others so you dont rob Him? No. Otherwise debt will get bigger and bigger…Then what we have over if any can be given to God. Giving to God should be from our increase. The idea that stop tithing will harm you is not true. No where in new testament says that. Just free will giving as act of worship. God blesses people with generous heart not generous wallet.

    Here’s a tips for financial freedom.prevention better than cure. ..Never take out a loan. If you have one pay it back asap. Never put yourself in financial bondage..always live within your means. If you cant afford it without a loan..you cant afford it. I have never taken a loan. I bought new car and a house outright with cash..it takes time but possible. Then I also have enough to support 3 fulltime missionaries…that would have been wasted paying interest if I had taken loan. I guarantee you will be able to give much more to God than those who waste their money paying interest.

    • http://www.CFinancialFreedom.com Dr. Jason Cabler

      I agree, if you can’t pay cash, then you can’t afford it. However, as tithing is concerned, my belief is that God should always come first before any debtor. He is the one who provides all that we have, and it’s up to us to return a portion of it to His church as He requires. When you do that, God gives you favor because of it. I’d rather have favor with Him than a debtor any day.

      I see proof of this in conversations with some of the pastors I know, who tell me that they never have to use their church’s benevolence funds to help people who are consistent tithers. It’s always those that don’t give, or give inconsistently that end up needing financial help.

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  • pricilla

    good day Jason, my husband and I started this journey about 5 months ago after we lost our car due to an accident and we realized that we could not get another car because that make us over indebted. We were tithers and we have continued to tithe. It is only now the last two months that my husband has been asking that we stop tithing for 6 months so that we can pay off our debts, i did not agree and i continued to pay the tithes because this is our obedience and also our protection that we have. At the moment we cannot give offering, like first fruit, building fund and also just every Sunday. There has been successes also in this time, we started our first emergency fund of R 10 000 and in USdollars is 1000USD on a unit trust with allan grey.

    Our pit falls at the moment are as follows, i love luxuries and on our budget we do not have an entertainment budget and i add up using another money that was budgeted somewhere else to cater for that luxury, and also the other pit fall due to the increase of food prices here in south africa we add up going beyond our grioceries budget due to things that we had to buy for the month.

    So my question is how can we avoid this, secondly since we are not giving our offering what is the impact on that because we feel very guilty about that myself personnally and i have not gone to church for the past 4 weeks.

    • http://www.CFinancialFreedom.com Dr. Jason Cabler

      Wow, there’s a lot to address in this comment. I will tell you what I would do if it were me in this situation.

      Congratulations on the emergency fund, that’s a good start.

      First, I would get back to church. Feeling guilty about giving is an excuse that can cause you to become distanced from God. The Bible says to not forsake gathering together with fellow believers.

      Second, I would keep tithing. I know the math doesn’t make sense. But when you tithe as the Bible says, and you do it with the right attitude, God will bless that. He may not do it in the time frame that you want, but He will do it.

      Third, you and your husband need to find a way to come into agreement on your finances. It will be very difficult to succeed financially if you and your husband can’t sit down and discuss things rationally, coming up with a plan for your finances together. You both have to be on the same page.

      Fourth, if you like luxuries but can’t afford them, you will have to cut them out for a while until you get complete control. When you’re not being a good steward of your finances, how can your situation be blessed? God expects you to be wise in how you handle your money. Luxuries are fine, but they are last on the list.

      You can get my book “How to Budget- The Quick and Easy Guide to Making a Budget That Works” that will help you get complete control over your money. It’s only .99 cents US on Amazon.com. Here’s the link: http://amzn.to/PAfNMY

      Don’t worry about not being able to give offerings above the tithe right now. You can do that later once you get everything in order.

      I sincerely hope this helps and gives you a direction to start working toward. If you need anymore help just contact me and I’ll do what I can.

  • Peter

    Same here, I don’t think tithing should be circumstantial.

    • http://www.CFinancialFreedom.com Dr. Jason Cabler

      Right, when you make it a point to be a giver no matter your situation, that says a lot to God and He’ll reward you for it… every time.

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  • Scott

    We began our debt-free journey about seven months ago and determined to tithe while paying off debt. It has been difficult and the debt is going slowly. Using the tithe money would help tremendously. We are depending on God to bless us through this difficult time and be better prepared Christians afterward.

    • http://www.CFinancialFreedom.com Dr. Jason Cabler

      Stick with it and keep the faith. Continue to change your financial habits and keep the right attitude about your giving (no complaining) and He’ll see that things go your way.

      I’ve seen great things happen many times to people that tithe no matter what. I’m living proof that it works and that He is faithful.

  • Cindy Mae

    Typos! Ahh! I meant to say, yes I believe in tithing no matter what!

    • http://www.CFinancialFreedom.com Dr. Jason Cabler

      Awesome! I always say a blessed 90% goes further than an unblessed 100%.
      Thanks Cindy!

  • Cindy Mae

    Yes, I do believe on tithing ok matter what! :-)

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