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Control Your Stuff, Don't Let Your Stuff Control You

Have you ever wanted to buy something you just had to have no matter what?  Like maybe a car, a house, a cool new phone, the newest electronic gadget, or that awesome (and expensive) pair of shoes?  When you lose self control and to the point where you just gotta have it and you’ll do whatever you need to get it, you’ve got what I call “The Fever”.

In my experience,“The Fever” happens when you start becoming extremely focused or even obsessive about owning that particular item that you desire so much.

I’ve Got Hiking Boot Fever

Some people get “car fever” or ”house fever”; others may get “shoe fever”.  As I’m writing this post I currently have “hiking boot fever”.  My trusty Vasque Sundowners that I’ve had for 20 years finally bit the dust at the top of Mt. LeConte in the Smoky mountains, so it’s time for new ones.

I’ve been obsessively researching new boots on Amazon and Ebay, trying to find what I want at the best price.  My goal is to have them before my next trip to the mountains a couple of weeks from now.

Yep, call the doctor, get me some aspirin, I’m feelin’ a bit feverish!


The Fever Needs to Be Controlled

Have you ever had “The Fever?”  I would bet most everybody has at least once in their life.  But my question to you is- were you able to keep it under control?  Do you only buy stuff you can afford (with cash) or do you buy emotionally, not taking into account whether you can afford it or not?

This is how you get into serious debt.

So many people end up in massive debt because they never developed good money habits .  They use whatever means they can to get what they want, even if it has serious financial consequences, like getting so far into debt you have to resort to things like payday loans, borrowing from friends, and car title loans (see Jacksonville car title loans to see how that works).

When you get into a cycle of perpetual debt, even if it’s just to fund your normal everyday expenses, you are setting yourself up to lose financially.  Having to meet those monthly payments and pay all the extra interest and fees becomes a drag on your freedom and overall happiness.


How to Control Your Stuff- Without Letting it Control You!


Control Your Stuff, Don’t Let it Control You

Listen, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting or having cool stuff, but when buying and owning your stuff becomes an emotional stressor, you may want to re-evaluate how you spend your money.

Get rid of the credit cards, stop taking out loans, save up and pay cash for what you want.  Even better, make a detailed plan for your finances and start getting out of debt!

When you do that, you’ll find what the Bible says is really true, “The blessings of God make one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it

P.S.     I haven’t bought any boots yet, but I have my eye on a really cool pair of Zamberlan 760 Steep GT’s.  And you can bet I’ll be paying cash, because debt free hiking boots carry the load so much better!

Is your life easier because you bought something you wanted with cash?

Did you ever buy something on credit and lived to regret it later?

Leave a comment and tell me about it.

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