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How to Get out of Debt make a budget

“How do I get out of debt?”-  That’s the logical question you ask yourself when you discover that you’ve gotten in over your head financially and you finally decide you want to become debt free.

But how do you do it?

You can’t just decide you want to get out of debt and BOOM! It’s done.  That’s where Celebrating Financial Freedom comes in.  This is the first post in a series that will show you every single step it takes to get out of debt and start living a debt free for the rest of your life.


Flying By the Seat of Your Pants Doesn’t Work

Most anyone who is in debt, at one time or another, has decided that they need to get their debt paid off.  So they haphazardly begin paying down the debt without a concrete plan in place as to how to do it.

This rarely works.

Why? Because there is no roadmap to go by.  Eventually you lose your way because you never totally quit using the credit cards and have no plan when a financial emergency comes up.

But when it’s time to get out of debt, flying by the seat of your pants just doesn’t work.  It’s way too easy to revert back to old habits after a few weeks or months, making little to no real progress financially.

In this series I’ll detail 5 steps you need to take that will ensure that you get out of debt and succeed financially for the rest of your life.


Before You Start

I can hear you now, “Tell me Doc, what are the 5 steps?  I want to know so I can get started now!”  To that I say “Hang on there dude, slow down.”  getting out of debt is not something you just capriciously decide you want to do and then just jump into without a plan.

Before you start the process there are a few things you absolutely must do.

First, you should subscribe to Celebrating Financial Freedom.  Yeah I know that’s self serving, but you really will learn a lot of great information about living without the bondage of debt if you just sign up and read the emails every time you get one.

It really is worth the effort.


You Have to Get Mad

Next, you absolutely, positively have to decide that you want to get out of debt no matter what, and that once you’re done with it you’ll never go back.  If you’re wishy-washy about it at all, then you may not be dedicated enough see it through.  You have to be mad enough at the debt to kill it for good.


Then You Gotta Get Naked

Then you have to take one scary step that so many people fail to take when it comes to getting out of debt.  It’s one of the most logical steps in getting started, yet most people never consider doing it.  If they do, it strikes fear in their hearts because it’s so counter to what we’re all taught.

“What is it” you ask?

That thing that you must do is go naked.

Stop right there.  No, I don’t mean you should strip down and go running through the streets yelling “Woohoo!  I’m getting out of debt!”

I don’t mean that at all.

If you do, then leave my name out of it when they come to take you away.

What I mean by “going naked” is that you get rid of your credit cards and don’t take on any new debt, period.

I don’t mean you just stop using them until your financial situation improves or keep one in the sock drawer in case of an emergency.  I mean cut ALL of them up and go all in by totally swearing off of using credit, no matter what, even in an emergency.

That’s what I mean by going naked.


Going Naked is Uncomfortable

Going naked and taking a stroll around the neighborhood can make you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable.

Going naked with credit can feel the same way.


Because we’ve been conditioned to think that we need it.  We’ve been told that if we don’t have credit available to us that we could end up in financial disaster.  But the total opposite is true.  When you cut up the credit cards and decide you’ll never go back, you actually become more financially free  than you’ve ever been.


Step 1 to Get Out of Debt

Once you get the debt paid off you won’t have to ever spend extra money in the form of interest and fees that suck you down the drain financially, giving you a swirlie in the high school bathroom of life.

But when you decide you’re finally done with debt and you decide to cut up the demon plastic, what do you do then?

Well, then you proceed to step one of your customized get out of debt master plan.  Stay tuned and I’ll cover that in the next post.

Until then, answer just one question for me.

Have you ever decided it was time to get out of debt but never fully followed through?  What held you back?

Ok, that was two questions.  So shoot me.  Just answer them by leaving a comment and I’ll be greatly appreciative.


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Ready to Get Serious About Getting Out of Debt?

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