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When you’re getting out of debt, it can be difficult because you’re doing something new.  You’re changing habits, changing your mindset about money, and learning a new way of living.

But when you’re making all these changes it can be really easy to let some of your old habits and ways of thinking creep back in.

Change is hard.

That’s why you have to learn to be consistent when it comes to getting out of debt.


To Get Out of Debt Takes Firmness of Character

get out of debt consistent key consistencyOne of the definitions of consistency is “the firmness of constitution or character”.

When you finally make that life changing decision to get out of debt and stay out, you begin an exercise in character building that will take you to a new and better place in life.

You are building a firmness of character that will change more than just your financial situation.  It will serve to build you up in other areas of life as well.


Consistent effort is what it takes to get out of debt. Learn the 4 things it takes to be consistent


The 4 Traits of Consistency

So what does being consistent look like when it comes to getting out of debt?  I believe there are 4 traits to consistency that result in successfully achieving freedom from the bondage of debt:

  • Having patience and continuing down the good path you’re on, even though results are not coming easy.  It means being relentless about getting out of debt no matter what stands in your way.  You will NOT be denied!
  • Consistency means taking the long view.  Changing your habits and mindset for a time and then returning to your old ways just doesn’t work.  You have to change your habits for good.
  • Consistency means getting back on track when you have a setback.   Obstacles will always stand in the way when you try to do something worthwhile.  To be consistent, you have to take the setback in stride, work your way through it, and continue on.
  • Consistency means staying the course even when others don’t believe in what you’re doing.  Friends and family may make fun of you because you have to sacrifice some things in the short term while you’re getting out of debt.  You can’t let the unbelievers drag you down and keep you from your goal.  Ironically, these will be the same people who will ask you how you did it once they see you in the obvious prosperity that comes with debt freedom.


Consistency Changes Your Life

When you learn and then put into practice these keys to consistency while you’re getting out of debt, you will find that that consistency will spill over into other areas of your life as well.

Consistency helps you learn to be disciplined and diligent in the completion of any goals you may have in life.

It’s like the constant pressure of the Earth’s tectonic plates pushing against each other for eons that eventually forms a great mountain range.

Or the consistent flow of the Colorado river that carved the Grandest Canyon in the world.

Just a little consistent pressure over a long period of time will change your financial life forever.

Consistency will cause you to win, period!

Question: Do you think there are any other traits of consistency that I didn’t list here?  Tell me what you think by leaving a comment



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