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Balance- The Quick and Easy Guide to Financial Stability Using a Budget

Do you need to take control of your money?  I firmly believe that if you want to do it right, you have to have a solid spending plan, otherwise known as a budget.  The techniques you will learn in this series of articles will set you on the right path financially and will literally save you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime!  

In fact, I believe that a budget is such a great tool for getting control of your finances that I actually wrote the book on it!  It’s titled-  “Balance:  The Quick and Easy Guide to Financial Stability Using a Budget” .  Just click on the title or click the picture of the book above to find out more about it.   My goal is to make budgeting a simple process that is straightforward and not so intimidating.  After all, it’s just 6th grade math!

You can also access my free downloadable budgeting forms here

So make sure to check out the book and enjoy these articles about budgeting as well:

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