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Dream: What Are You Doing About Yours?

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Most all of us have a dream, and idea, a vision of what we want our life to look like.

You have plans and goals as to how you want your future to play out.  Unless you’ve lost all hope for some reason, planning for the future is something we all do.


Maybe you want more happiness, more joy, a better work environment, better finances, improved health, more passion, or to finally find your true purpose in life.

Whatever your dreams and goals for the future may be, I want to ask you one simple question.

What are you doing about them?


Dreaming, or Pursuing?

Are you just dreaming and hoping, or are you relentlessly pursuing them, taking the bull by the horns and making your dreams and goals happen one step at a time?

Have you become comfortable and content with the fantasy life that dreams with no action represent?  Or are you finally taking concrete steps to keep daily life from getting in the way of what you want your daily life to eventually be?

Here’s the deal:  LIFE IS SHORT!

If you haven’t been taking action in pursuit of your dream and your purpose, then now is the time to start.

I’m not old, but I began realizing more and more over the last couple of years that if I want my dreams and goals to come to fruition, if I want my purpose to manifest itself to its fullest potential, I have to act on it every day.

That’s why I’m constantly working on this blog, writing books, improving my course material, and making CFF bigger and better every day.

Time stops for no one.


Start Now

If you know God has something for you to do and you’ve just been dreaming about it, toying with it, and not taking real action, then you must start now!

You can’t spend time being afraid of how long it might take to get there or what it’s going to look like, or what others are going to think.  I know it’s hard.  I battled all of those feelings when I first started down this path of personal finance teaching, writing, and blogging.  When you just start, it gets easier.

Just start taking that first step, then the another.  When you start doing that, a funny thing happens, the path actually becomes more evident with each step you take.

Just start.

When I started this blog in 2011, I had no idea what I was doing.  But I had recently realized that expanding the reach of my Christian personal finance course and my core message was not going to happen on its own.  Since that time I’ve written over 200 articles, appeared on some of the top personal finance sites, published a book, spread my footprint through social media, and now have my course available in an online version.

All that because I decided it was time to stop playing around with what I feel called to do.  It will continue getting bigger and better from here.


Dream Not Clear Yet?

If you already know what your dream is and what you’re supposed to be doing in life, that’s a great thing!  You are way ahead of most people.

But if you just don’t know or you’re not clear about it yet, don’t worry, you can still take action toward your dreams even if you don’t quite know what they are yet.

  • First, realize that God has something special for you to do that will bring you happiness, fulfillment, joy, and will propel you forward in ways you could never imagine.  It will fit you.
  • Second, Even if you don’t have a clue what it is yet, pursue your purpose passionately.  No, it’s not impossible.  Think back to your childhood.  What are the things you did that made you the happiest?  What did your teachers, friends, and parents say you were good at?  Maybe it was writing… or dancing, building things, telling stories, being helpful or friendly.

This is where you start.


Explore Your Dreams

Explore those things that excited you and made you feel good about yourself when you were a child or even a teenager.  You may not immediately find your right path in these things right off the bat, but keep on that path of discovery, stay close to God in prayer, and He will certainly lead you in the right direction.

Remember, God wants the best for you, He wants you to be happy, fulfilled, and achieving your dreams while working within the purpose for which He place you on this Earth.

He gave you a special combination of talents and abilities, strengths and weaknesses that only you have.  A combination that can change the world once you get them working within your purpose.

Discovering your dreams and working within your purpose can sometimes be a slow, tedious process.

Sometimes you’ll wonder why you’re even doing it.

But when you pursue it passionately, God will make sure that it bears fruit in the end.

So don’t hold back, don’t wait any longer.  Start now on pursuing your dream and discovering the purpose for which you were created.

And Never Quit!



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