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Firewalk Your Dreams

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Achieving your dreams takes action. How to take the first steps toward your dream, even if you fear taking the first steps | dream | Fear | Michael Hyatt

Have you ever thought about what life could be like if you could just do that one thing?

You know what I’m talking about.

That one thing that would make life so much better and help you achieve your dreams.  Maybe it’s getting out of debt.  Maybe it’s getting your dream job or starting your own business.  It could even be starting a ministry for the benefit of others, or even a blog.

Whatever that dream may be, there are a couple of things that you have to do in order to make that dream grow and become a reality in your own life.


Don’t Fear Your Dreams

First, you have to overcome the fear of doing something different.

When you decide you’re going to change your situation for good and start something new, you have to learn to think differently, act differently, talk differently, and leave some old things behind to make way for that new (and hopefully better) thing.

But change can be very scary, because whenever you try something new, especially if you know it will change the course of your life, there is always that nagging fear of failure, and that pesky fear of the unknown.

Those can really mess with your mind.

Next, once you overcome the fear, you have to be willing to take the first step.

You can’t do anything life changing without first taking action that puts those changes into motion.  It just will not happen without you putting forth the action that it takes to get there.


Don’t Fear Your Dreams- How to Take the First Step


Take a Fearful First Step Toward Your Dream

Sometimes the only way to overcome that fear is to take that first step while you’re still fearful.  I’m reminded of a story in Michael Hyatt’s new book “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World”.  He writes about attending a Tony Robbins seminar where one evening the lecture was all about overcoming fear.  At the end of the session all 1,500 participants were led out to the parking lot to a dozen beds of hot coals and asked to walk across those coals in a physical demonstration of overcoming their fear.

Michael had to stare down his fear of getting burned and take that first step.

Once Michael took that first step, and eventually made it across to the other side, he felt a new sense of exhilaration because he overcame the fear and doubt about doing something he really didn’t think was possible.

Michael realized that the key is to just start.

Once you take that first step, everything else will take care of itself as long as you keep walking.  But if you fail to start, that lack of action will eventually cause you to live with regrets, wondering what might have been and never reaching your fullest potential.

So if you’ve been wanting to change your financial situation and start working toward debt freedom, or whatever else your dream may be, start taking action now.

Take that first step.

Even if you don’t know every step you need to take to complete the journey, that’s ok.

Keep walking across those coals.

You will make it to the other side.

Question:  Have you had to overcome any obstacles in pursuing your dreams?

Tell me about them in the comments.



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