These are some of my best articles that cover the perils of being in debt.  When you're in debt, especially large amounts of it, it can be a serious drag on your life.  It has a way of causing you worry, stress, anxiety and general unhappiness that makes life much more difficult on a daily basis.

I believe owing money keeps you enslaved to the lender and never allows you to live the fullest life you possibly can.  It limits your choices and causes so many problems that you can't always foresee.  Living the most prosperous life possible means getting rid of monthly payments for good!

But you CAN overcome all the problems associated with being indebted.  You can learn to turn things around to make your life better for you, your family, and the rest of the world too!

My wife Angie and I have had no monthly payments for over a decade now!  I can tell you from personal experience it's allowed us to live a much better life!  

We are free from financial bondage, have more freedom to make better decisions, and be more generous with our time and money.  Best of all, we haven't had a fight about money in well over a decade!

The following articles help you understand why and how you got into debt, the effects it has on your life, and how you can start taking steps to eliminate it from your life for good!

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3 Ways to Prevent a Vacation Hangover

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Slay That Zombie

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