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You Can Get Exponential Returns

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You can get exponential returns

The best return on investment you can get is an exponential return.   Today’s post is about achieving an exponential return, but achieving it in a way that many people don’t normally think about.  Read on to find out how.

I’m sure that somewhere during your school years, your teacher sent you home with a cup full of soil in which you carefully planted a seed, with instructions to bring it back in a few weeks after it (hopefully) sprouted and grew into a productive plant.

When you and your classmates brought your project back to class, there were some plants that were large, green, and healthy, others that were not so large and green, and some that were puny or didn’t sprout at all.  Those take home experiments demonstrated some very important basic ideas about seeds that can also apply to your money.

Those students that took excellent care of their seeds, watering them regularly and placing them in the sunlight wound up with a flourishing plant that produced many seeds out of the one seed that was planted.  Those kids that didn’t water theirs regularly, or at all, and just set theirs on the kitchen counter instead of the window sill, ended up with a plant that was not as productive or not productive at all.


Sowing Into Good Soil Gets Exponential Returns

I realize that a very diverse group of people read this blog and not all of you are Christians, but the following principles apply to anyone, Christian or not, who is willing to use what they have and not let it sit idle and rot, or to consume all of it themselves.

So please, read on.

In the parable of the sower, the Bible talks about sowing seed into good soil (Matthew 13:1-9) and that when you do, it will be multiplied to you in various amounts, some thirty fold, some sixty, and some one hundred.

The parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30) demonstrates that if you misuse what God has provided you with, then you cannot expect to be blessed, but when you use it wisely and find ways to invest what you’ve been given in wise ways that can provide a return, you’ll receive the blessings of God and He will entrust you with even more.  This concept works with investing into the kingdom by giving as well as multiplying your money through hard work and wise investments and then using some of that to benefit others.

Sounds like a great promise… and it is.

But let’s not get the idea that it’s all about the money.  Sowing good seed is about money, but it’s also about how you spend your time, how you use your talents that you’ve been given, and how you use those to benefit the kingdom and your fellow man.

When you invest all that God has given you into fertile soil, you will be blessed with more than you gave.  You will receive an exponential return on your investment, thus having even more to invest wisely into good soil in the future.


How to Get a Guaranteed Exponential Return on Your Investment


Are You Sowing or Consuming?

But here’s the catch, this is not a get rich scheme, it’s about spiritual promotion.  God will give more money, time, and resources to people who can be trusted to use the money, time, and resources He’s provided us with wisely.  That means using your money to do things like feed people, build churches, win souls, heal the sick and all those other things Christians are commanded to do.

Even someone who has very little seed to sow can plant wisely and expect an exponential return.

So here’s the big question…

How have you been sowing your seeds?

Are they being frittered away by all the interest and fees that come with being in debt?  Are you not able to sow into fertile ground because you’ve been spending more than you make?  Are your time and talents being sown onto rocks because you spend more time entertaining yourself than making a difference in the world?

Everyone has something to give, something to invest into the world that will make the world even just a little better.  So please, don’t sit idly by and waste what you’ve been provided with by sowing into rocky soil, or worse, by not sowing at all.

The world needs you.

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