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4 Books That Will Change Your Life and Finances Forever

The average millionaire reads at least one nonfiction book per month.  And while reading books is not the only reason for their success, it’s certainly a major contributor.  Reading books can change your life !

Let’s face it- you don’t know what you don’t know.  If you have no information about how to achieve your goals and change your life for the better, you just continue to drift aimlessly, never achieving much of anything.


Nonfiction Books Can Change Your Life

That’s why reading nonfiction books on a regular basis is so important to your growth as a person.  When you can access a successful expert’s experience on subjects such as marriage, getting out of debt, business, finances, or anything else, it can be a life changing event with lasting repercussions.


Life Changing Benefits of Reading Nonfiction Books

Personally, almost every book I read is nonfiction.  I’m sure that sounds boring, but I would rather learn something than be mindlessly entertained.  I’ve found that consistently reading nonfiction books has changed my life in quite a few ways.  Just by reading books and applying the principles therein, you can change your life in plenty of positive ways such as these:

  • Staying Motivated- It’s too easy to get complacent and drift through life. Most of the nonfiction books I read are great at keeping me motivated to change my life for the better and practice constant improvement in every area.
  • Goal Setting- Sometimes it can be a little difficult to find the next step in one or more areas of life such as marriage, work, and finances. The best nonfiction books help you learn to get focused on the journey ahead and set goals that will get you there.
  • Changed Mindset- So many of us can be set in our ways. Sometimes we don’t even know why we believe the things we do, we just always have.  I’ve read so many books over the years that have totally blown my mind and given me a life changing new perspective.  I would have never become as successful as I have without the changed mindset that these nonfiction books have produced in my life.
  • More Peace- Whether I’m learning a new spiritual truth or finding out how to implement a get out of debt strategy, reading nonfiction helps me live a better life. When you are continually uplifted spiritually, worrying less about money, and running a better business, you will have more peace in your life and can spread that peace to others.


4 Books That Will Change Your Life and Finances Forever-


4 Books That Will Change Your Life and Finances Forever

So without further ado, I’d like to share with you some of the books that have changed my life for the better and can certainly change your life too.  I would definitely not be the person I am today without the knowledge that these awesome books have provided!

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“Financial Peace” by Dave Ramsey

Financial Peace- Dave RamseyThis is the first book I ever read about personal finance and getting out of debt.  My parents turned me onto this book not long after I graduated from Dental school over 20 years ago, when Dave was just starting to become a popular talk radio personality here in Nashville.

It’s an amazing story of Dave’s early years as a 26 year old millionaire who suddenly lost it all because of too much debt.  The book details how he rebuilt his life and finances on basic biblical and common sense principles, and how you can change your life and finances too.

This book changed my life forever! It’s the number one reason I became inspired to teach others about personal finance.

Celebrating Financial Freedom would not exist today without this book’s influence upon my life!

Thanks Dave!

Find out more about “Financial Peace” here


“Love and Respect- The Love She Most Desires, the Respect He Desperately Needs” by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs“Love and Respect…” is another awesome book that changed my life in a major way.

In our early years, Angie and I were in constant conflict. We came from very different socioeconomic backgrounds so we had vastly different perspectives on money.  Add to that a couple of unresolved childhood issues and lack of effective communication skills, and we were in serious trouble.

Once we finally decided to seek counseling, our therapist recommended this awesome book.  As we both read through it we learned more about ourselves and each other than we ever thought was possible.

It taught each of us how the opposite sex operates, how to communicate effectively, and the biblical marriage principles of love and respect that will seriously improve your marriage when you implement them.  This book will change your life and marriage for the better, guaranteed!

We owe our marriage to this book!

Find out more about “Love and Respect” here


“Thou Shall Prosper- Ten Commandments for Making Money” by Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Thou Shall Prosper- Rabbi Daniel LapinThis incredibly thorough book totally enlightened me about how we should view work and earning money.  The book is essentially a roadmap of how the Jewish people have become more successful than most socioeconomic groups as a whole.

Every concept in the book is taken straight from timeless Jewish teachings.  These teachings on life, work, and money have been taught for thousands of years through the Talmud and Torah.

Rabbi Lapin explains that business and making money are actually a moral pursuit that is very much tied to the spiritual part of our being.  It’s all about being of service to your fellow man and making the world a better place because you are being useful to others.  And the more useful you are to others, the more money you tend to make.

The more money you make by being useful allows you to increase your usefulness even more and spread your influence on a wide scale.

This book really blew my mind the first time I read it. It was so unlike anything I’d read before.  Thou Shall Prosper is one of those books you can read over and over, learning something new that will change your life every single time you read it.

You will not view work and money the same way after reading this book!

Find out more about “Thou Shall Prosper…” here


“The Blessed Life- Unlocking the Rewards of Generous Living” by Robert Morris

The Blessed Life- Robert Morris“The Blessed Life…” has had a major impact on how I view giving and generosity in my life.

Let’s face it, we are all naturally selfish.  We want to fulfill our own desires before worrying about someone else’s needs.

But if we want to have a blessed life, being selfish will never get us there.  We have to learn to give of what we have, and sometimes give ‘till it hurts.

Pastor Morris gives plenty of examples about giving taken straight from scripture. There are also examples from his own life.  And explains all of them in simple terms.  He shows that in order to be whole and blessed, we have to be givers.  In fact, God designed us from the beginning to be givers.

The cool thing is when we unlock that generous spirit in our lives, we’ll be blessed in every way.  He not only talks about being blessed financially, but also in relationships, increased peace, our work, and every other area of life.  Being a generous giver will always change your life for the better.

“The Blessed Life…” is an awesome book that has truly helped me become a generous giver.  I’m definitely thankful for that.  Because of the concepts I learned in this book, I’m blessed more and more every day and in every way!

Find out more about “The Blessed Life…” here


Changing Your Life Starts With Knowledge

Anytime you want to change your life for the better, the most important things is to take the first step.  It’s hard to know what the first step is if you have no knowledge.

That’s why I always recommend reading as many nonfiction books as you can get your hands on.  Reading is absolutely essential to becoming a success in any part of life.  As I said before, you don’t know what you don’t know.  But when you make it a habit to seek out knowledge on a regular basis, you can’t help but learn something that will change your life for the better.

The majority of millionaires can’t be wrong!

Question:  Do you have a favorite nonfiction book that has changed your life for the better?  Leave a comment on my Facebook page and tell me your favorite!

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